1. It’s Cheaper

The biggest advantage of solar power is that it saves people and businesses money. Over time, a lot of money. Solar power starts cheap and stays cheap, making it the ideal solution to rising utility costs. With Red Mountain Solar, you can save up to 20-30% on your electric bill every month, which could add up to more than $20,000 over the life of your system*.

2. It’s Renewable

The majority of electricity in the United States is still generated from burning fossil fuels, which will run out one day. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that will not.

3. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, global warming is real. The effects of greenhouse gases from CO2 in our atmosphere are already being felt worldwide. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning to clean, renewable energy like solar is one of the few things we can do now to improve our planet.

4. It’s Low Maintenance

Our solar panels are warrantied to last 25 years and likely will produce many years beyond this without major maintenance required. Say goodbye to frequent repairs and fluctuating utility rates.

5. It’s Off the Grid.

If you’re tired of paying exorbitant utility bills, it’s time to cut the cord. With our fully sustainable systems, Red Mountain Solar can give you independence from the ever-increasing rates of the power company.

6. It’s Tax Deductible

Going solar saves big, and you might be able to save even more with tax incentives. With a solar system from Red Mountain, you could qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which lets you subtract up to 30% of what you spend on your solar energy system from your tax bill each year. With additional State Tax Credits available, we could save you even more!