Nationwide electricity rates continue to rise at alarming rates. If you’re searching for sure-fire ways to save money over the long-term, Solar power is the best investment you can make. And Red Mountain is the partner you need. We’re one of industry’s top leaders in advanced solar systems, offering a wide range of integrated energy solutions customized for residential, commercial and industrial use.

For nearly 20 years, our reputation for performance, reliability and award-winning customer service is well known in the industry. With an experienced and dedicated team of energy consultants, professional installers and rebate experts, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology that’s easy for our customers to use.

At Red Mountain, we’re about more than just technology. We specialize in working with our customers after each hardware installation to develop customized strategies to maximize cost and operational efficiencies. We also offer helpful tips to save you even more money:

  • How to save more with a Peak Shaving strategy—purchasing and storing energy during off-peak pricing and using the energy to power loads during on-peak pricing.
  • How to store excess solar production to use later rather than selling back to the utility for pennies on the dollar.
  • How to expand our base systems quickly and easily by adding additional batteries, solar panels or a generator to ensure a steady supply of power to your home or business during outages.

With the latest technology, the industry’s best energy consultants, a full-service lighting division and a nationwide distribution network, Red Mountain is your complete solar solutions partner:

  • We offer turnkey solar solutions backed by a full team of energy consultants, installers and support professionals
  • Nationwide distribution capabilities allow us to manage projects anywhere in the country.
  • Our size and scale of operations give us the ability to handle any sized project
  • We provide expert consulting and installation for both residential and commercial projects
  • Our large-scale international buying power allows us to keep our prices competitive for our customers
  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with a AAA rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • We offer the latest technology like the CONEXT XW Inverter / Charger, the world’s most advanced hybrid whole-home energy solution, and advanced AGM Tubular Gel batteries that deliver up to 20 years of performance and reliability.