At Red Mountain, we’re not just lighting designers; we’re lighting distributors. In fact, we’re one of the largest lighting distributors in the Southwest. With multiple distribution centers across the country, Red Mountain is able to facilitate rapid delivery of lighting products whenever and wherever they’re needed. This means our capabilities are seamless: no downtime, no headaches, and no surprises. With millions of dollars in inventory spanning tens of thousands of SKU’s, we are constantly adding and replenishing products to ensure a robust supply chain. Red Mountain is also among only a handful of companies in the industry with a dedicated, full-service distribution division.

In an industry where new technology is constantly being introduced, we pride ourselves on being cutting-edge. This allows us to be on the front end of emerging technology, adopt the latest trends in the industry and offer all the newest, most innovative products before anyone else can. We’re continuously researching advances in High Efficiency Fluorescent, CFL Induction and LED lighting and constantly evolving our strategies to deliver better results and bigger savings for our customers. This helps us fulfill our commitment to create intelligent, customized solutions that enhance aesthetic appeal and reduce energy use for our customers.

Since 1998, Red Mountain has built strong relationships with the top lighting manufactures in America. This not only gives us a unique understanding of the latest products and technology, its helps us make sure only the highest-quality, most thoroughly tested products are used in our lighting, solar and signage projects.

We also partner with many specialized lighting manufacturers including CREE®, GE®, Helius illumination®, lllumin8e®, P-2®, Green Creative®, Phillips® and others to make sure we have the right product in stock to fit any need. This insight gives us unparalleled knowledge on pricing, functionality and performance for thousands of unique products. From Title 24 to automated controls, we know how to put that expertise to work for our customers.

Bottom line, Red Mountain’s product focus and wholesale pricing saves our customers money. Our size and scope of operations helps us leverage unique buying power through exclusive partnerships and our nationwide network of vendors to deliver the lowest prices possible on equipment and accessories. We employ environmentally responsible practices at all times and encourage energy-efficient alternatives wherever possible.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade lighting for your office, parking lot, restaurant or industrial property, Red Mountain has the expertise and know-how to get the job done right.