69% of businesses implementing any sort of energy efficiency measures in 2012 adopted lighting improvements. Combine the lighting quality and energy efficiency of LED Lighting with tax incentives and utility company rebates, and the ROI on LED retrofit projects is typically less than 1-2 years. You can then reap the benefits of better quality lighting, significantly reduced energy expenses and lower maintenance costs for many years.

As experts in retrofit projects, RML offers our customers a fast and convenient conversion from fluorescent or HID ((high intensity discharge)) lighting to LED. Our converted signs/lights result in large savings on energy, maintenance and labor. Operating costs may be reduced up to 50%, depending on the application. Lighting maintenance is minimized by the highly rated hour life and inherent benefits of LEDs today. Additional cost savings may be realized during lighting installation by using your existing sign cabinet and faces.

Why Retrofit?

  • Increase your building’s lighting efficiency
  • Reduce energy usage by as much as 67%
  • Produce a return on investment (ROI) through energy savings
  • Improve light quality
  • Reduce heat
  • Increase longevity of lamp life
  • Add business value by adhering to environmental regulations and improving work conditions
  • Lighting Service That Saves Labor, Time and Energy

Operational Benefits

Operational benefits are derived from energy savings. Long-life lamps and low-maintenance, cost-effective products decrease consumption. Up to 90% of the cost of a lighting system is energy, and efficient lighting saves up to 40% of energy costs. Backed by our strategically positioned distribution centers from coast to coast, we can deliver our products quickly and effectively. RML can design and deliver a customized lighting solution that fulfills your needs and satisfies your bottom line.

What is the total cost of lighting?

Energy conservation is a major issue in the U.S. today. Our goal is to make achieving maximum savings easy. One way we accomplish this is by presenting a conservative look at all of the costs of lighting a space. Our “total cost of ownership” approach allows you to evaluate each area of potential savings. For traditional lighting products, here is a rule of thumb for understanding the total cost of lighting:

By the Numbers:

  • Electricity to run your lighting comprises 77% of your lighting costs.
  • Electricity for your HVAC to offset the heat produced by a light bulb comprises 8% of your lighting costs.
  • Labor to maintain your lighting (replacing burnt-out bulbs) comprises 11% of your lighting costs.
  • Replacement materials (the lighting products themselves) comprises 3% of your lighting costs.
  • Recycling burnt-out products comprises 1% of your lighting costs.
  • New efficient technologies are changing this breakdown by significantly reducing the on-going maintenance and energy costs for lighting. Typically, the added up-front expense for these newer products is recovered quickly.
  • Lighting makes up 15-55% of your electric bill
  • Lighting upgrades can lower energy use by up to 75% in both indoor and outdoor systems
  • Maintenance and repair cost reduction of up to75% for 3 Years
  • Many products are rated for up to 100,000 burn hours
  • 1 Year warranty on Energy Star rated CFL products
  • 3 year warranty on Linear fluorescent lamps
  • 5 year warranty including labor on Premium high-efficiency bulbs

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