Over the last decade, utility rebates have become increasingly more difficult to understand, apply for and manage. To add to that challenge, tax incentives at both the Federal and State Level are constantly changing. It takes a dedicated staff of full-time professionals to keep up with these changes. Red Mountain is one of only a handful of companies in the industry with a full division/team of experts dedicated exclusively to Utility Rebates and Tax Management/Facilitation. And that experience is unparalleled in the industry.

For nearly two decades, RML has fostered personal relationships with Utility Rebate groups and professional processors across America, Becoming recognized nationally as an award-winning partner and top performing Trade Ally for multiple Utilities around the country. By focusing prioritization on rebate processes based on current market volatility for rebates and program deadlines, RML is able to turn an often complicated and time-consuming process into a turnkey operation, providing a faster turnaround for our customers.

RML works with several national accounts that have operations in virtually every city in the country. Because each city and state has its own distinct rebate policies, procedures and financial offerings, most lighting suppliers and contractors simply avoid the rebate process due to its IRS-caliber complexity. Not Red Mountain. At RML, we’ve made it our mission to know and understand every utility rebate in the country, inside and out. Our staff of experts also knows the system, so we’re able to navigate the red tape ensure each customer gets the maximum rebate possible on every lighting project. It’s truly an art form that we’re proud to offer our customers to cut out-of-pocket expenses and maximize return on investment.