At Red Mountain, we’re more than just lighting experts; we’re signage experts. We’ve successfully completed thousands of projects around the country for some of the biggest names in America, including Burger King®, Denny’s®, Hilton®, Best Buy®, IHop® and hundreds of others. Having both regional in-house service teams and a nationwide network of qualified subcontractors allows us to have a team of trusted professionals at your service for any project virtually anywhere in the country.

We expertly service and maintain all types and sizes of interior and ground-level exterior signs including menu boards/drive-thru systems, ATMs and kiosks, parking/security lighting and many others. We provide award-winning service for a wide range of large-scale outdoor signs as well, such as electronic/LCD displays, highway pylon signs, outdoor media and more. Large or small, Red Mountain sets the industry standard for outstanding performance and customer service on every project.

Red Mountain is your single source partner for indoor and outdoor lighting, maintenance and service. Start tof finish, we’ll take care of every detail of your project from A to Z:

  • Site Planning and Permit Acquisition
  • Site inspection and Building Code Research
  • Processing of Code and Variance Requirements
  • Site Excavation and Preparation
  • Sign and Lighting Re-Lamping
  • Sign Cleaning and Repainting
  • Night Patrol Surveys and Reporting
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty Support

Red Mountain is a full-service service partner. Our experienced teams manage all planning logistics and installation functions to provide a seamless transition and meet our customers’ deadlines. We will work with you to:

  • Facilitate applicable utility rebates from all providers for upgrading lighting systems
  • Consolidate supply chain logistics that will create a cost reduction on all lighting needs
  • Replace obsolete magnetic ballasts and fluorescent lamps that have been discontinued
  • Remove mercury vapor lamps and other potentially harmful equipment
  • Dispose of obsolete H.I.D. and T12 fluorescent lamps that contain high levels of mercury
  • Help you achieve your goals of environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Facilitate case studies, publications and press releases to promote your efforts